Christmas Morn

Dec 2015_Hazels tablecloth_mid 60s.jpgIt’s faded now, the shimmer gone;

its days of bold no more.

To be a Grape Nut in that bowl,

a treat would be in store:

From little girl giggles to prices of the day,

and toast with home made jelly from Cora down the way.

Grandma’s mincemeat pie will come, the girls can’t sit still;

the turkey’s roasting now, and grandpa dropped his pill.

Was it icy on the road?”  “We made it here just fine, and you?

Grandma’s leg is better; but Hazel’s got the flu.

Sprinkles and sparkles for little girls to see;

Looks like Santa came last night, gifts surround the tree.


All the faces here are gone, but for only three,

What I’d give to gather here–once more–just for me.

Left to right: Grandpa Eddie Haggie, grandma Lalla Butterfield Geier Haggie, me, Hazel Butterfield Kasae, Lynne Geier Olson, Margaret Appell Geier, Bertha Butterfield Miller, George Miller, facing away, Bert Kasae.

Family photo from the Geier and Butterfield clan, photo Rod Geier.

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