Who Am I?


Have you given thought to where you come from, why you are here, and about the people who lived before you? I don’t mean do you know who your grandmother was; rather, I mean do you know what she thought about President Kennedy? How she felt about women working? What was her home like, the one where she grew up? I mean, who was she, and therefore, who are YOU?

Grandma Lalla (LAY la) yelled and beat her fists on the armchair while watching football, she loved the game that much. She would say, “Don’t tell anyone” as she smoked cigarettes in the kitchen, never mind the smoke permeating the rest of the house. A wordsmith, she could bring me to tears with her twisted “fart a stire” line.

These are some of the key players, and while I may remember them, my children won’t. My goal is to bring them to life using the abundance of documentation we’ve been blessed with; we are extremely fortunate in that we have divorce papers, a family bible, marriage records, bills of sale, albums, photos, hundreds of letters from the 40s and 50s, and 14 from 1889.

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On Finding Merle, I’ll show you my love of flowers, my love of cooking, my cats, and a wonderful quote now and then. It is family history, though, that brought me here in the first place. This gift, the digging and hunting and researching and organizing, is what I hope my children will one day enjoy.

Click on the History tab to find my posts about family. Enjoy, and as always, please leave a comment. I am very glad you are here. ❤