Cousin corner

Hello Cousins, and Welcome!

I’ve been trying to find a way to bring us together to share our collective history. I want a gathering place, a shared space, where we can exchange family information, discuss and ask questions, and learn about our ancestors together.

Easy Peasy

The space is called Cousin corner (tab is beneath the beach photo). Hover over “Cousin corner” and the drop down menu will show surname pages, listed as “Appel lineage,” and “Appel posts.” My lineage is shown at the bottom of the lineage pages. This should help you determine whether or not we are connected. Posts about a given family will appear on the Surname posts (e.g. Appel posts) pages, and are visible on the Home page.

My Pieces of the Past section on the home page links you to the History tab in the existing blog (hover over the word Blog to find the drop down menu) where previous genealogy posts–and other cool stuff–are published.


To keep out spam and unwanted comments (they show up, unfortunately), I monitor any and all comments before they appear in public. As such, all comments, photos, and stories are approved by me. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, we might post something in violation of either a living or dead person’s privacy. Monitoring will manage spam and those potential issues.


When you’re ready to share a story, photo, or document, go to theΒ Say Hi! section and I’ll take it from there.Β The submissions link also appears on surname post pages. If you are unsure about what or how to post, contact me via the contact form.

Let’s examine those old bones!

geier sather cousins_beach_photo rod geier_early 60s

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