A fashionista in her day, she was the epitome of style.


Lalla Marie Butterfield

She was my grandma, a woman I never tire of looking at in photos.

butterfield lalla_walkin bootsHer energy and joy jump off this page; she looks like someone I’d want to know.

She couldn’t know it, but years later I would become one of her fiercest fans.

haggie kasae geier_hazels home in tacoma_mid 60s

Grandma, center back; me, left front, early 60s

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Abraham Butterfield Sr., b. 1750 m. Ruth Averill

Their son Abraham Butterfield b. 1788 m. Jemima “Jennie” Averill

Their son Ebenezer A. Butterfield b. 1826 m. Hannah Hunt

Their son Elmer H. Butterfield b. 1870 m. Orah Myrtle Smith

Their daughter Lalla M. Butterfield b. 1898 m. Carl Geier

Their son Rodney M. Geier was my father.

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