I hit that brick wall the quickest researching my father’s family.


The surname Geier isn’t uncommon, but due to countless (mis)spellings, it’s fairly difficult to research with accuracy. Common versions include Geir, Gier, Geyer, Gyer, Gyr, Gaier, Guier, and these are only a few; never mind those who throw in an extra R (creating Greer, Grier…and so on). One census recorded the family as Gene, and probably why I find so little information.

The Geier family is out there. They have to be. But, where?

Maybe you can help?

Geier Carl and Lalla Butterfield wedding_24 Aug 1921_home of Butterfield Elmer and Orah Tacoma

Carl Geier and Lalla Butterfield wedding, 24 August, 1921, Tacoma

Please feel free to ask questions, share, and discuss what you see on this page.

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Thank you!

Johan Peter Geyer b. 1710 m. Anna Helena Weiss.

Their son Michael Geyer b. 1738 m. Anna Margaretha Schaeffer.

Their son Peter Geyer b. 1780 m. Margaretha Halfen.

Their son Christian Geier b. 1815 m. Margaretha Roenz/Rons (1), Elisabeth Brucken (2), and Helena Wolf (3). Christian and Helena’s son Joseph is listed below.

Their son Joseph Geier b. 1862 m. Bertha Servatius.

Their son Carl Joseph Geier b. 1893 m. Lalla Butterfield

Their son Rodney M Geier was my father.

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