Marie Kaufman Kraft was the second wife of Johan Georg Henry Kraft, my great, great grandmother’s first cousin. Are you with me, still? Congestive heart failure claimed Marie’s life; actually, fluid accumulation from CHF was the cause. Have you heard the old medical term for such a death? It made me smile. You can read about Marie’s fascinating life and death here.

Marie was, by marriage, the first cousin of Elisabeth Katharina (EK) Kraft, my great, great grandma.

I figured it may be a long shot, but I donned my detective cap, sharpened my pencil (not really), grabbed a maple bar (sad but true), and began the hunt. I started looking for EK’s siblings and cousins. Since families often farmed as neighbors, I hoped to get lucky and find someone who might lead me back to EK.

I found little information, and soon discovered I was barking up a very big tree. The Kraft family is enormous and I was soon overwhelmed. But, I was also heartened.

appel johan and eliz katherina kraft appel wedding_saratov russia_shared by pcabbage

Photo courtesy P Cabbage

I was struck by the resemblances. Note the similar facial features, decades later!

My uncle David Appell (left) and his great grandfather, Johan Appel, are three generations apart. Look at those eyes!

Ooops, this is a Kraft page. I’m so excited about the eyes.

EK is part of an enormous clan and it will take months/years to unravel the connections. If you think you have connections, please let me know.

Please feel free to ask questions, share, and discuss what you see on this page.

Comments are welcome below.

Kraft submissions are taken using this link.

Thank you!

Johan Georg Kraft b. 1767 m. Maria Elisabeth Meier

Their son Johan Georg Balthasar b. 1793 m. Elisabeth Margaretha Elasser

Their son Johan Georg Peter Kraft b. 1820 m. Maria Elisabeth ?

Their daughter Elisabeth Katharina Kraft b. 1848 m. Johan Appel

Their son Leopold Appel b. 1871 m. Amalia Schmuck

Their son Herman G Appell b. 1897 m. Margaret Adelaide Patterson

Their daughter Margaret is my mother.

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