She was Margaret Adelaide Patterson Appell Mazzoncini–also known as Peggy, or Margaret, or Addie. My father called her “Mom Mazz.” I just called her grandma.

Appell_Herman and Marg Adelaide Patterson_Nov 1968

Herman G Appell and Margaret Adelaide Patterson

James Marshall Patterson was my grandma’s father. My mother recalls having a special relationship with her grandpa, easy since they lived across the street. Interested in her granddad’s paintings and stories he’d tell, mom visited him often.

patterson_james mollie and margaret adelaide_1961_seattle

James and his daughter Margaret Adelaide (grandma) on the right, with Mollie, James’s second wife

patterson_margaret adelaide_birthday party tacoma not sure of year or location


This is my favorite photo of grandma.

She was often serious, but here, she appeared to be having a great time.

I believe this was a birthday party, for her, and I don’t know the location.






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Walter Patterson, b. 1802Β  m. Elizabeth Hoyt

Their son John E Patterson, b. 1821 m. Margaret J. Patterson* b. 1828

Their son James M Patterson b. 1869 m. Caroline A. N. Raymond

Their daughter Margaret A Patterson b. 1899 m. Herman G Appell

Their daughter Margaret is my mother.

* An interesting note: Margaret J Patterson’s father William Patterson** (b. 1786 in Sligo, Ireland) was the cousin of Walter Patterson, Elizabeth Hoyt’s husband.

** Not only was James Marshall Patterson’s grandfather a William, James had TWO brothers by the same name, and a brother-in-law William Patterson who married James’s sister, Mary Anna.

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