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Back Roads Therapy

I caught myself reminiscing in a very big way on Saturday evening. First we attended a retirement party (which is salt in an already big wound. While Saturday’s party was for someone who worked with my husband, today I saw my former work peeps and it hurts my heart that I am no longer part…

The Delightful Mistake

In all the years we’ve been hiking, we’ve never seen a more beautiful trail bursting with wild flowers, and we’ve never experienced the following. The week we visited Hawk Mountain Trail, Mr. Hospitality told us about Coffin Mt. Trail, asked if we’d been there. We hadn’t, so this was the weekend, and we found it…

The Rhodora

“…if eyes were made for seeing, then Beauty is its own excuse for being…” Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ The Rhodora A few more, just because. All photos property of klhoskins 2016~copyright.