Retirement–Day 2


  1. Got up. (Tripped over the rug, actually, but I stayed vertical.)
  2. Had breakfast. (I LOOKED AT the fruit bowl; does that count?)
  3. Brushed my teeth, used inter-dental brush. (Once a hygienist….BTW, have you flossed today? I’m talking to you, yeah, you. Don’t be messing with me; we can always tell, and you know I’ll ask again.)
  4. Dusted off my sewing machine. (Have you ever measured dust in inches?)
  5. Sprinkled inspiration close by. (And you thought I meant those fabric squares. Aren’t you cute.)
  6. Got out the wine dinner dishes for later. (Alright, already! Inner Martha is pushy today.)
  7. Read up on balancing my shin guards shock absorbers Chakra. WhatEVER! (Harmony, inner-peace,  yadda yadda. I grew up in the 60s…where’s my Woodstock tape?)
  8. Practiced self-cleansing: I yelled at the neighbors at the top of my lungs. (Read it on the Internet, must be true.)

Time for a nap. How am I doing so far?





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  1 comment for “Retirement–Day 2

  1. February 25, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    You make me laugh so hard I may need stitches!

    Liked by 1 person

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