Something New

I have been collecting Pyrex for years but hadn’t really noticed. It sort of evolved (like the size of my hips). Recently, my sister has gone hog-wild crazy over the stuff, and with good reason.

It is rather delightful, it keeps well (if cared for), and because of the many sizes and patterns, it is ever useful. And, it’s pretty. A definite plus.

I don’t know the pattern names or their actual age; I don’t really care. What matters is that I like the stuff and hope to use it more and more. And, OK, there IS a health reason: Plastics don’t appear to be overly healthy. That, and when I’ve stored spaghetti sauce in a plastic container, it can be difficult to remove the grease, even after a scrubbing in the dishwasher. (“Scrubbing” my backside! But, that’s another story. I have issues with scummy dishwashers).

So, for now, I am on the hunt–as is my sister–for something new in our favored patterns. Or not. Nearly any pattern will do. She’s become my eyes, and I hers. We text with photo if we see something, ask if the other wants it purchased; if so, we buy and exchange later.

april-2016_vintage-pyrex_image 1
Recently used as kitty water dish
April 2016_image 2
I’ve had the loaf pan for years, recently added the rest. Butter dishes on right. Note the vin…um, is it 5 o’clock, yet? But of course!
April 2016_image 3
Started collecting this one three years ago, big sis found the small one. My favorite pattern, so far. Key words “so far.” If you see any, TEXT!
april-2016_vintage-pyrex_image 4
This one is growing on me.
April 2016_image 5
J’adore le Francais.
April 2016_image 6
Mais, oui.

I’ve been on the hunt for years for bowls for oven-baked French Onion soup. Never thought to look at Pyrex (what is wrong with me?!). These bowls have handles and come in various sizes. Parfait!

April 2016_image 7
Le Persil, La Sauge, La Marjolaine. Tres bien.
April 2016_image 8
Accidental acquisitions

I probably see this blue pattern more than any other. It’s OK. I won’t buy more unless it’s an accident. There may be an emergency. I am retired now, and if I happen to be out wandering aimlesslyย  stocking my chocolate supplyย  looking for upgrades for the house and I happen to see something (at the Goodwill that I almost never–ahem!–go into) it might accidentally end up in my cart…for the house...

My french onion soup in the old bowls…

While I’ve been on the hunt for two more of these, I am anxious to try this soup in my “new”ย  bowls.

On second thought, if you see any more of these, please TEXT!

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