Giggle, Snicker, Snort…

Before I retired I found buckets of time for reading, one of my favorite pastimes. Since hanging up my scalers, there is insufficient time. For reading. And, I’m starved for it.

I have a hard time reading during the day. It’s a personality flaw (the only one, I’m sure). Days are supposed to be filled with cleaning the house, preparing meals, grocery shopping, laundry and so forth, right? (Giggle, snicker, snort.) Or, volunteering at the library, soup kitchen, or taking in every stray animal I find (we live in the country=dumping ground for pets=you do the math).

Then SHE showed up. Again. Inner Martha. She’s been hanging around since I retired and she pains me in my hind quarters. I feel her glare, the heavy dose of guilt when I think of reading. Dagnabbitz. Reading screams leisure time, even though I’VE EARNED IT. (The battle continues and it’s ugly. My right eye started twitching yesterday, bordered on a seizure, and I may have perspired, but I predict Karen will win).

Thinking creatively, I decided to make this a goal, to make time for reading. For my master’s I had to read, had to write, had to research. That was in addition to reading for pleasure, an escape from the pressure of academic success, doing well. My inner nerd was happy. Since retiring, other pressures have surfaced. Dagnabbitz.

So: I’ve created a new category, A BIT OF LIT, where I hope you will share with me some of your good reads. Here are a coupla my recent distractions.

I was drawn to this one having been to Brazil, twice. During his adventures blazing a trail across this enormous continent, through deserts and jungles, do you think he is bitten by a snake? Between the people he met, learning Portuguese, the “food,” the red tape of travel, and creatures he encountered, I could not put this one down.

current reads_May 2016 (5)I started reading author Joshilyn Jackson with her Back Seat Saints. I adored that one due to her writing style; she made me feel as though I’d jumped into an existing conversation. Love that. The story deals with domestic abuse, which I did not want to read, but, the ending was perfect (no spoiler here). I’ve just started this one (below), my third of her books. They’ve just taken down a tree in the yard, only to discover jaw bones. A baby’s jaw bone.

current reads_May 2016 (3)I found Walking the Amazon the same day I found this fabulous book about the bond between women and their grandmothers. Used bookstores at the beach are simply the best. This collection is filled with stories and poems about women and their grandmothers.

After I began blogging, an unexpected connection surfaced between my grandmother and me, even though she passed when I was 18; yet, I could not get enough of this book. Have you thought about the bond between you and your grandmother? What would you tell her if she were here today? Simply, this is rich. A gem.

current reads_May 2016 (1)I have never read Laura Moriarty, but my mother handed this to me last week, said she couldn’t put it down. It’s about mothers and daughters, relationships, what happens when tragedy strikes. It gives me a lot to think about. My mom is 87. I’ve been thinking about that, too. A lot. Any mother with a teenage daughter will relate to this story. Or, anyone who drives, or anyone who has parents.

current reads_May 2016 (4)You may remember that Ralph and I are tight.

Tell them, dear, that if eyes were made for seeing, then Beauty is its own excuse for being…

Oh, my….can’t get enough of that. Here’s where you may have seen this before.

As a birthday gift this past week, my son and his wife gave me the following.

So. What the heck? Who says I have to read the whole time? Giggle, snicker, snort…

current reads_May 2016 (2)REQUEST: Please share with me some of your favorites, whether a current read or a past favorite. Shall we start a book club?

20 thoughts on “Giggle, Snicker, Snort…

  • I used to love reading novels but haven’t read a single one for about 3 years.. I need to get back to reading for pleasure too, without feeling guilty! The problem is if I wait until I go to bed to read, I fall asleep after the first few lines and never get beyond page 1… an age thing I think..haha! x

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  • Always love a good book review. I’ve learned that my taste in books is not always what someone else likes. I usually wait for a book to fall off the shelf at me. Never had a relationship with a grandmother for the most part. They each died when I was in a different country from them when I was quite young. And I’ve not been blessed to be a grandmother. I had a great aunt who acted as a surrogate for a year of my life and treasured that. I do read a lot and will tell about my books but so many are self help, non-fiction. Though I love a good light mystery or a well told story. The books are stacked so deep by my bed and on the shelves that I wonder if I’ll ever get them read before the next delicious book gets bought. πŸ™‚ I’ll take a look at those you recommended. Thanks from this book hoarder. πŸ˜‰

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    • So many thoughts here, Marlene. Thanks for your heartfelt comment. I’m not yet a gramma yet either, but I had several great role models. I was born 7 years after my great grandma passed, but I am getting to know her through the many letters she wrote (between 1940 and 1952). I’m talking hundreds. And she wasn’t kind, hence the series I started about her. But, as far as getting to know those who have passed, this was an incredible gift (as it also details my father’s childhood). My dad’s mother Lalla was a fabulous grandma.

      You may have seen me mention my great aunt Hazel, my grandmother’s sister. Hazel was also a gramma to me, and I am grateful I had so much time with her when I was young. Hazel never had children, so we became like her own grandchildren. Imagine how that must have felt to her, not just my sister and I, who greatly benefited from having her in our lives.

      The grandmother book includes two pages of thought-provoking questions in the end, one of which is to write a letter to your grandma and tell her the things you wish you could say if she were really here now. I love that. You could write to or about your great aunt.

      Oh, you would laugh if you saw the books I have here. It worsened when my mother moved two years ago. We ended up taking two truck loads to the library for donation after we scoured and scoured through them ourselves, and sold many. I cannot get rid of them; it’s like cutting off an arm.

      So, let me know what you have enjoyed reading as well. I also have a varied taste in what I read; that makes it more interesting. πŸ™‚

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      • I have written briefly about my great aunt who was pretty much like a grandmother. She raised the rest of my grandmother’s children after she died. They were sisters and my aunt never had children either. Interesting. Books and reading are what I live for and don’t get quite enough time for it these days. As an old woman, you would think I had nothing else to do. 😦 Not happening. You are inspiring me to write a bit more, ASAP! πŸ™‚

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  • Thanks for the wonderful reviews. I just put For She is the Tree of Life on my list of books to look for at the library next week. I’ve written so much about my grandmother over the years, and I think that I’d really enjoy this book.

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    • You’re most welcome, Sheryl. The book is a lovely collection. In the back of my copy I found a couple of pages with thought-provoking questions about the relationship we have with our grandmothers. That was a fabulous find for me. Enjoy and let me know how you like the book. πŸ™‚


  • What an awesome idea! Book reviews!! I really want to read that grandma one you suggested!

    I joined a local summer book club and we’re reading the Anne of Green Gables series. I have to get reading as soon as we get back! Ha!

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