Yowza Healthy!

Do you like egg salad? My version may be a little different than yours, but I can guarantee, this one is packed with flavor (and it is yowza healthy).

Except for the Feta, everything you see in the photo up there typically comes from our garden. (The eggs came from a friend on this particular morning, and the cherry tomatoes are store-bought as it’s too early yet for those. When we are a little bit further into the season, my egg salad ingredients come from home).

At times I want something a bit more substantial and may add a piece of my husband’s grandmother’s shortcake, but usually, the only thing I vary in this recipe is the berries.


I warm olive oil in my small fry pan. I never measure.

egg salad w strawberries_May 2016 (5)I break three eggs into a small bowl and add a splash of water, a pinch of garlic powder, and a squeeze or two of freshly ground black pepper.

While the eggs are cooking, I prepare my plate with berries, and the spinach and lettuce I’ve grown in pots in my greenhouse.

egg salad w strawberries_May 2016 (4)Meanwhile, I chop the tomato, onion and basil leaves.

egg salad w strawberries_May 2016 (6)I usually keep Feta cheese on hand, and fortunately for me, it comes plain or flavored. I don’t completely avoid dairy, but I’ve found that using Feta is easier on my stomach.

These are the main ingredients I use to create this lovely dish.

egg salad w strawberries_May 2016 (2)It’s difficult to see the basil, but if you look closely, you may be able to see tiny, green pieces. When I have it, I always add cilantro as well.

egg salad w strawberries_May 2016 (8)A couple years ago after I first discoveredย Lucyโ€™s shortcake (same link above), I cut a small piece and added some fresh raspberries from the garden. This is delicious.

egg salad with shortcake_May 2016This is my YOWZA breakfast. When ingredients permit, it’s my morning meal as often as possible. I wouldn’t have thought it likely that berries along with eggs, feta, onion, and fresh basil could taste so good. I was wrong.

What is your YOWZA breakfast?

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