13 thoughts on “Friendly Trails

    • Thank you, Miriam. It is a lovely area. We were heartbroken last year to hike in–before the trails were open to car traffic; it was open to foot traffic only–to find the camp area had been trashed. Someone had gone to all the trouble to bring in their garbage and dump it in the campsite. We found a mattress, clothing, all sorts of bottles and cans and food garbage, and more, right next to a dumpster. So, yes, it was so nice to see again, lovely, and clean. This was a first for me to see this type of destruction. Anyway, I like to pass on the beauty when I see it. Have a great day!! 🙂

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      • It’s so awful finding the gorgeous place trashed. We’ve visited places and found the same thing, bags of rubbish thrown about, broken chairs, litter everywhere. It really disgusts me how some people have no regard for the right thing to do. Glad when you went back Karen it was all clean again, the way it should be!
        Enjoy the rest of your week. 🙂


    • You are most welcome! It is a lovely place. I never tire of this trail. It takes us about an hour to get there from home, but it’s well worth the drive. Last year there was a fire up there which had actually crossed the river, blocking the road in for a while. Such a lovely area. I am glad for the laws requiring clean rivers. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by again. How is life in Portugal?

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      • Fire is such a force ! It goes where it wants to , even jumping rivers . We’ve been enforcing new laws to make people clean up their forests so fires don’t spread so fast and forcefully , as we had quite a few bad ones (still very small compared to what you have in California , but then everything around here is in a very small scale compared to the U.S.A. ) .
        Everything over here is very similar to what you have over there , but on a micro scale , as everything is so small , we’re only about 10 million total after all 😉

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        • This brings to mind another fire (many years ago when our children were little) where we’d been camping along a river. We were evacuated one night sooner than planned. Between the two families, there were five children and all our gear. We packed up and headed home. The fear was they could not predict what that fire would do overnight, even though at the time we were notified, it was over the hill across from the river. In that same area, there have been many fires through the years and it’s hard to see the destruction. Most are caused by lightening. Pretty scary. I hope to see your country one day. 🙂

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          • That must have been scary , and being with children even more so . Nature is so unpredictable …but that is also what it makes it such a wonder. Portugal has a varied landscape and in some places is really very beautiful . I do hope you may come over one day and remember your Portuguese 🙂
            You’ll find great places to hike through , every kind of beach , historic buildings and modern architecture , great food and usually very nice and helpful people 🙂 …but of course I may be just a little biased
            Turtle Hugs


            • Now that I’ve “met” you, I will look up Portugal to see about your lovely country. I love using my Portugues (although most would say I need lots more practice). 😉 Are you a hiker? It is one of our favorite things to do once our weather cooperates. Muddy trails can be tricky, although the only time I slipped and fell was at the end of a very long hike and the slope was packed with fine dust because the dirt was so dry. I PLOPPED hard on my behind (not a pretty site, I’m sure). I really want to hear about Portuguese food. 🙂

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            • I’m afraid I’m not much of a hiker no (lazy turtle swimming around is more my style 😉 ) but with some persuasion and a little training I could become one 🙂
              Turtle Hugs


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