Hospitality on Hawk Mountain Trail

On an almost 99 degree day this past weekend, this was our escape (and reward).


One of Oregon’s finest trails, this is off of Rho Ridge trail in the Mt. Hood National forest. It’s also one we’d never hiked.  It’s about 4 1/2 miles, and only slightly challenging for me (due to fussy feet. I’ve finally discovered some pretty workable hiking boots made by Hoka. They offer lots of padding in the only place I need some). The biggest challenge was the heat and because much of the trail was in full sun; otherwise, it was a lovely hike.

At the top we met a most hospitable fellow. That’s him on the stoop. He brought out the bench inside the cabin so we could rest our weary feet (and avoid the ants crawling over the only shady log in sight). Turns out, we live not far from each other. We offered him part of our sandwich and orange slices, he offered us chips and the use of his AC unit (a bucket of fresh snow acquired downhill). We laughed as he scooped out a handful and let it melt over his bald head.

Lunch break was spent comparing hiking stories on trails we all know well. We’d all hiked Pechuck, Table Rock, Bull of the Woods, and others.

The only real danger was the threat of my husband breaking into song, or maybe running out of water, but thank the hiking Gods above, neither happened. This view below, and incredible hospitality, was our reward.

hawk mt trail_June 2016_3 (6)

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