Sprouting Pretty

Racial tensions are at scary levels; I woke today to another senseless shooting. In addition, that is, to the one the day before; oh, yeah, we can’t forget the terrorism in the airport in Turkey, and

I had to stop. That is as far as I got on this post. I sat here staring at my screen, at a complete loss. I wrote the above before I woke today to the massacre in Dallas. It is overwhelming and I am indescribably sad. The mud slinging between the current presidential front runners and the media who sensationalize every move they make reminds me of behaviors not uncommon among third graders. As a nation, we are angry, very angry, and it does not appear to be getting any better. Consider the alarming cases of road rage, to name one example. On second thought, I won’t go there. This is my positive space.

Sometimes, it’s all too much. I want to scream, “ENOUGH!” Fat lot of good that would do, even if I were a screamer. I don’t want to despair, or feel hopeless, but…

  1. I want a bit of reassurance.
  2. I want to see something pretty.
  3. I want to be cheered up. And, I know where to look.

around the walkway_july 2016 (30)
Sprinkles of cheer welcome me along the creek.

When I stop looking and start seeing what is in front of me, this is what greets me each and every day along my trail. All I have to do is open my eyes, be open to what is in front of me, and I begin to see things I never knew existed.

You know what I’m talking about, the difference between looking at something–a mere glance–and understanding the importance of, the impact of, what is before us.

And then it dawned on me: this is the problem. We are not paying attention and we are not looking hard enough. We are not seeing what is in front of us, we don’t understand the universal truth that we are more alike than we are different, that we all want the same thing.

along my trail_june 2016 (1)
sprouting pretty
around the neighborhood_july 2016 (11)
Nestled among the Vinca.
around the neighborhood_july 2016 (34)
I think these are gorgeous.
along my trail_june 2016 (8)
These are, too.
daisies and pink blooms_june 2016
Absolutely lovely when paired with these mini-daisies.
monday morning_june 2016 (43)
A surprise: I planted this last year in a raised bed. Any guesses?

I haven’t shown you our creek until now. I’ve been keeping it a secret.

around the neighborhood_july 2016 (2)
This is so pretty it hurts my eyes.

around the neighborhood_july 2016 (33)

around the neighborhood_july 2016 (1)
In these fields, we see wild Iris each year.
around the neighborhood_july 2016 (31)
A splash of sunshine.

When we have the courage to do more than look, when we are ready to see, we may discover we share common ground, and we just might see something sprouting, something awfully pretty.

20 thoughts on “Sprouting Pretty

  • I like how you take back your power from the media fear mongers. I have several phrases that I repeat to myself. Where your attention goes, energy grows what you focus on increases. I’m careful where I put my attention. Like you, I know there is crap happening in the world. This is a world of contrast after all. But what I see most often is the wonder of the world. Kindness and goodness everywhere. It has to start with me and spread. One kind thought or act will snowball just like one angry person can collect so many others and incite riots and violence. I prefer my way to bring change. We each get to chose. If I were a policeman, I’d be scared to death to go to work every day. There are a lot of angry people out there and the cops are getting angry too. I think they get hired that way. Only love can fix what’s broken. Keep spreading it. You are doing a great job of changing the focus.

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    • I can’t tell you, Marlene, how your words made me feel. THANK YOU. ❀ When we post something on the issues, we risk making others angry, and we just never know how we'll be received. I love what you said, and agree with your "It has to start with me and spread." If only we all took a breath and thought like this. I agree also with your "We each get to choose." Spot on!! We need more tolerance and love and the realization we all want the same thing: peace and harmony. The worst part is that I truly believe it can be accomplished. It CAN. We just need to listen to one another. Just listen and try for a measure of compassion. Thank you again. Hugs. ❀

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  • What a beautiful uplifting post Karen. You’re right, all we need to do is open our eyes and look, really look in wonder at all the incredible things around us. Focus on the good in the world instead of the negativity. I love this. xo

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    • It’s hard, and there are times when these behaviors feed existing anger, but, I think if we can stop and take a breath, maybe we can find the good and maybe see some beauty. Thanks, Ann. ❀


  • You are absolutely right. It’s so easy to look past something, around something, even through something. But look right at it????

    The news is too hard. I don’t turn it on. So many are hurting, it crushes my heart. I’m with you. The wildflowers are where it’s at. Thank you for sharing your creek today. It’s breath taking and gorgeous. Bits of sunshine and hope on stems🌷🌻😊

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    • It’s also where the wild things live (our creek) but we usually manage to only see birds. I was walking along that path one day many years ago and then started running–back when I could do that, ha!–and suddenly a blue Heron took flight. It was awesome. I didn’t see it until I started making noise–all that huffing and puffing, no doubt–but it was wonderful to see. I’ll post more photos of those wild flowers as they bloom. I have to keep away from the news some days, too. In the meantime, I’ll find solace in whatever beauty I can find. πŸ™‚

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