Ain’t No Breakfast About It

It’s been one of those days, kind of dreary and wet, a bit chilly. I headed for the kitchen because it’s also that time again. I have extra in the garden and I dislike waste. I happened to have three very ripe bananas. I was all set.

zucchini_july 2016 (2)

I was going to make banana cookies or smoothies, but look what the husband found. It’s only early July, but this is the first of what we know will be a plentiful crop. No problem.

I looked for a recipe that called for bananas and zucchini.

Ever since my son told us about the untimely death of the man who bought the couch, I have been trying to eat better, even balanced. Dinner has never been a problem, but breakfast and lunch is where I could use some help. Lucky me! I found the perfect recipe.

breakfast cookies_july 2016 (16)I could not believe my eyes. Both my great grandma and my father died from diabetes, and I’m guessing my risk of being diagnosed is higher than for those without a family history. I try to find recipes with low sugar, or none, and I try to watch my overall carb intake.

breakfast cookies_july 2016 (18)You are correct in noticing that bananas are missing from the list. I found plenty of recipes with zucchini and bananas, but they called for lots of sugar, so I decided to “Karenize” this one. Aside from adding one very ripe banana, I followed this exactly as printed. With two large zucchini squash and three ripe bananas, I doubled the recipe.

(Note: I mentioned I had three ripe bananas. I used two for this recipe and froze the third. So, I followed this recipe exactly but added two ripe bananas.)

breakfast cookies_july 2016 (6)I was pleased to see that the original recipe calls for 1/3 cup sugar and only 1/2 cup chocolate chips. Adding the banana makes it sweeter, and in hindsight I probably could have added none.

breakfast cookies_july 2016 (8)
I could live on these alone, for years, without complaint, except my gut would scream.

I absolutely LOVE walnuts. I could eat them daily. In fact, I have, and later paid dearly (but I’ll spare you the details. You’re welcome). They are very healthy and I use them sparingly when I can.

breakfast cookies_july 2016 (9)Another ingredient I like to use is oats. I like the texture and the taste, and that it reduces overall flour amounts. It seems that most cookie recipes call for more than the one cup here. I can live with that.

I’m also a snob when it comes to chocolate chips. I only buy Ghirardelli dark. Only.

Ghirardelli_wishesanddishesdotcom_july 2016

When I’d added all of this together, I was afraid it would be too gooey from the bananas. I was right, so the test would be in the baking. I settled on 375 for 10 minutes.

breakfast cookies_july 2016 (11)
It WAS gooey. But, it’s pretty, right?

Just look at the health in that bowl! I let it sit for a few minutes to allow the oats to soak up some of the moisture.

breakfast cookies_july 2016 (15)
(Karenized) Banana Zucchini Breakfast Cookies

They appear to be healthier than most recipes with the walnuts, zucchini, oats, bananas, and reduced sugar. Both the husband and I tried a dozen couple to make sure they had baked the proper time and make sure the ingredients had been balanced. (I heard that.)

All we can say is because they are so good, they are suitable for any meal, and there ain’t no breakfast about it.

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