12 thoughts on “Pristine

    • Thank you. We’ve had such beautiful snow scenes that I have a hard time keeping my camera in my pocket. I LOVE fresh snow, but I HATE driving in the stuff. Ice is worse, but we live in the “flat lands” and that helps. How much snow did you get where you live? This second round we had about one and a half inches.

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      • There was no significant snow since the 14th of Dec. Everything is frozen here though. I’m praying hard that the weather holds for my son’s drive to the mountains of northern Arizona. I love looking at the snow but I live at the bottom of a hill and they do nothing to clear the road here. No one moved for a week other than me. My truck will make it through anything. I bought it when I lived in the N Arizona mountains and we had significant snow. Up to 6ft. Here everything is just icy. Not pretty. I never think to take pictures as often as I’d like. I’m glad you are.

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        • They said possible flurries here today, but so far, none. And yes, we get snow but it’s the ice that can be tricky. Your truck sounds wonderful, and necessary where you lived. For a while I drove a Ford Expedition–yes, a gas hog–and while it was costly (and the reason we got rid of it), I loved it. I felt so safe. We downsized a few years ago to a smaller car, and I still prefer the larger vehicle. It’s funny how life is cyclical. When we were kids, dad always had the camera handy, and he used it often. He’s in very few photos because he took them all. Only years after he died did I appreciate his efforts. I’m so thankful he did what he did. I recall one aunt who admonished him for taking yet another shot (of her and her young daughter). That aunt passed away several years ago and I always smile when I see the shots dad took. He never shied away from taking pictures. I hope some day my children will value those that will come to them. 🙂

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    • Thank you, Sheryl. It was. The rains have hit now (and it’s 50 degrees today). I love the white cleanness of fresh snow, but it doesn’t last very long. Makes the appreciation stronger. 🙂


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