Rockin’ Bobbin

Since I hung up my scalers last year, I’ve been trying to fill the empty spaces. I began with yodeling*. At first I was simply glad to not be at work any longer–in that capacity, anyway–and I spent the first few months trying to heal a very worn, very stretched, and very tired back (dentistry is quite hard on the body). But as the months wore on and visits from the police about odd noises* from the house increased, I knew I had to get busy. The creative genius in me was becoming restless. Did I say genius? I meant to say goddess.

So, I set her free. Actually, I let her fly. I set up my room, dusted off my machine, and let ‘er rip. Before I knew it, my bobbin was rockin’.

mug rugs and pillows are a great way to use up log cabin blocks
batik tote bag that went to my mother for Christmas
the black stocking went to my daughter-in-law for Christmas, the others were made many years ago
I received so many compliments on the first bag–and orders for more–that I decided to make one for me using one batik fabric

Some of you may have seen this, and I apologize for the repeat, but this was big. I’ve had my eye on this one for years. It’s a Thimbleberries pattern for a table runner and place mats.

Until this is finished, this is what I made for the meantime:

I’ve always wanted to make a rag quilt. This was my first attempt using the many plaids I’ve accumulated. Two more place mats to finish. He hasn’t noticed, but I cut up one of hubby’s shirts….

Some of you may have seen the purpleΒ mittens I made from my old wool sweater. They went to my daughter for Christmas. I didn’t stop there. I’d had the idea in my head to make mittens using old sweaters and I couldn’t let it go. Kind of like the last piece of pizza (but that’s another story). With wool on my brain and where to find some, I recalled something special. Here’s what I came up with:


The tan blanket is navy issue from 1951. Rod Geier was my father. In college I used two of his tan blankets that I’d sewn together. They are 100 percent wool and quite heavy. I found the pattern on-line. The blue blanket is partial wool that no one was using. I lined the mittens with fleece. They are very warm. I could not share them until now because the second pair went to my sister and I didn’t want her to see them before Christmas.

By this time, my bobbin was smokin’.

We’ve had unusually cold, snowy, and icy conditions in the Portland area the past few weeks. Today, they are predicting more snow. So…….I guess I should clean the bathroom fluff the pillows finish the rag place mats, or do more on the Thimbleberries table runner.


It’s time for another project:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m starting a new category called Rockin’ Bobbin on the blog today, this being the first installment. Sewing has been a part of me since I was in fourth grade when my mother began a 4-H group out of our home. She taught me the basics, but I stitched my way through high school, college, and early married life with coats, clothing for me and the children, quilts, and many other projects. If the next few months/years are a hint of the goddess within, Gandalf says I’d best devote time and space.

Gandalf can hardly wait to get started
Otis is extremely focused

Otis made me promise to stop yodeling. The only thing left to do is get that bobbin rockin’.Β 

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